Exhibition at JW3 in London, May and November 2017

'Isaiah Berlin, Alexander Herzen, and the Idea of the Perfect Society': an exhibition staged by the Isaiah Berlin Legacy Project at the JW3 centre in north-west London, May and November 2017.

In May and November 2017 the Isaiah Berlin Legacy Project staged a display of some of Berlin's papers at the London Jewish Cultural Centre JW3 ('The Postcode for Jewish Life').  The display was entitled 'Isaiah Berlin, Alexander Herzen, and the Idea of the Perfect Society’.

The displays were requested by the organizers of JW3, who wished to add a Berlinian sidelight to two major events organized there.

The first event, in May, was the exhibition 'The Holocaust By Bullets: Uncovering the Nazi Massacres in Eastern Europe 19414'.

And on 7 November JW3 held a panel forum on the theme of 'One Week In History', which drew together the threads of several anniversaries, each falling in the week 2–9 November, namely the Balfour Declaration and the Russian Revolution (in 1917), Kristallnacht (in 1938), and the death of Isaiah Berlin (in 1997).

The panel consisted of Sir Malcolm Rifkind, Fania Oz-Salzberger, and Henry Hardy, and their interlocutor was Trudy Gold.